Goat Breeds

There are various goat breeds available throughout the world. ome goats produce high quality skins and some goats are raised for their fiber/mohair production. Some people also prefer raising goats as pets. There are more than 300 goat breeds available throughout the world. This goat breeds are different from one to another by their size, shape, characteristics and production type.

Generally goats are raised for milk, meat, skin and hair/mohair production. For specific production purpose, you have to chose specific goat breeds. Not all goats are suitable for all types of production purpose. And in case of commercial goat farming, you must have to chose best breeds for your business. Goat breeds are classified in different groups according to their production.

Goat Breed Available in Our Farm

Jamnapari is a breed of goat originating from Indian subcontinent. Since 1953 they have been exported to Indonesia

The Barbari or Bari is a breed of small domestic goat found in a wide area in India and Pakistan.
Sojat goats originate from Rajasthan in India. It is cross bred from the Jamnapari goat.

Totapari Goat

Totapari goat is a member of the family Bovidae and is closely related to the sheep as both are in the goat-antelope subfamily Caprinae.

Sirohi Goat

The Sirohi goat is a compact, medium-sized breed native to the Sirohi district of Rajasthan located in western India.