Sojat goat is a meat goat breed originate from Rajasthan in India. It is cross bred from another Indian breed named the Jamunapari goat. Sojat goat is mainly raised for meat production. And its milk yield is low. The breed is mostly found between the belt of Sojat, Phalodi, Pipar, Jodhpur and some other areas of Rajasthan.
The popularity of meat goat farming business is growing day by day. And the demand of meat goat breeds is also increasing. Sojat goat breed is now found in almost every states of India. The breed is commonly sacrificed during the religious festival, like the Bakri-Eid. Review characteristics and full breed profile of Sojat goat below.

Breed Characteristics

Sojat goat is also a rajasthani breed. it is a very popular breed for qurbani. its a heavy breed. with an average adult animal weighing around female 50-60 male 70 to 80. kidding ration is singles and twins mostly.

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